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Jessica, an un-registered Thoroughbred, was purchased in Virginia at a very low price in 1978, because she was bucking off instructors at the riding school she was at.  It was thought that she was an ill behaved 7 year old, it turns out she was only 3.  Jessica would then travel around the country with her owner Barbara, living in Florida and California while being actively ridden, competing sporadically, and having one colt, before coming back to Virginia in 1985.  Due to lack of time her first foal regrettably would be sold, but in 1988 she would have a colt by the Thoroughbred stallion Margie's Beau.  "BJ" would go on to compete quite successfully in many disciplines.  While these first two foals were lovely, we really desired a filly to carry on her traits. 


A Belgian Warmblood stallion by the name of Gottloewe was discovered in Virginia to breed her to, which hopefully would result in a fabulous filly.  The resulting foal would be just what everyone at Ash Knoll Farm wanted and more, a black filly with a huge blaze, and four socks.  She would come to be known as Paksenarrion, and what is more remarkable is that her father was a dark bay with two socks, so all that color must have come from farther back, but what a happy surprise.  Since Jessica was taken into the Belgian Warmblood auxiliary book, "Paks" was presented and branded as a foal by the Belgian committee.  She would go on to be the National Belgian Warmblood Two year old futurity winner, and has produced four highly successful offspring.  With Jessica producing Paks, we now had a way to carry on her line, and we see many of her traits in her children, and her grandchildren, most notably they all jump in terrific form. 


Many breeders would not have bred Jessica.  She wasn't perfectly put together, she lacked big, expressive movement, she never took huge competitions by storm, and her breeding was unknown. However, she had many other redeeming qualities that those close to her saw and wanted passed down.  She never saw a jump that she questioned going over.  She carried around a tiny 11 year old over 3'6" jumper courses, and was always extremely brave in any situation, along with having superb intelligence, great agility and speed.  It is only fitting that we have a tribute to this fabulous mare, and in 1995 she was laid to rest by the apple tree here at Ash Knoll Farm.  Her legacy will live on through her offspring, and they will show why this one mare was so great.